Friday, January 23, 2015

Dear Media, Funeral Service of Two Volunteer Teachers


Dear Media,
Funeral Service of Two Volunteer Teachers
Ms Maran Lu Ra and Ms Tangbau Hkawn Nan Tsin, volunteer teachers of the Kachin Baptist Convention's Education Ministry Program were severely tortured and killed in Kaung Hka village, Nam Tau, Mung Mau Association in Northern Shan State.
The bodies of those teachers are brought to Myitkyina, Kachin State from Muse, Northern Shan State, and the funeral service will be organized according to the following program. We would to invite you all to come and join with us to show solidarity to end violence in conflict zone.
At 8:00 AM The bodies will be carried by men from Kachin Baptist Convention, No 135, S Shan Su Quarter to Tat-Kone Qarter. From that onward, the bodies will be transported by car to AD 2000 Hall in Nawng Nang. All audiences will travel by cars or motorbikes.
Funeral Pray Service will be organized at AD 2000 Hall and burial will be at Jaw Bum Cemetery.
A press conference will be organized at AD 2000 Hall.
Gathering time: 08:00 AM on 23rd January 2015
Venue: Kachin Baptist Convention Compound, 135 S-Shan Su Qr, Myitkyina
Venue for Funeral Prayer Service: AD 2000 Hall, Nawng Nang, Myitkyina.
Burial Site: Jaw Bum Cemetary
Press Conference Speakers:
-Kachin Baptist Convention (Rev.Dr Samson Hkalam and Rev. Lama Yaw)
-8888 Peace and Open Society (Led by Ko Mya Aye)
- Technical Advisory Group
- Women Organisations' Representative (Led by Susana Hla Hla Soe)
- Representatives of CSOs
* Statements will be read
Media Contact Persons:
- Rev.Dr Samson Hkalam (0947016113)
- Rev. Lama Yaw (0947002913)

- For media outside Myitkyina, please contact Ko Jaw Gun at to request documents/facts