Friday, August 27, 2010

Plantation linked to junta is 'destroying' Burmese tiger reserve

The world's largest tiger reserve, in the wilds of northern Burma, is being rapidly eroded as a businessman with links to the junta replaces trees with cash crops, according to a report published yesterday.

The Hukaung Valley Tiger Reserve in Kachin State was created in 2001 with the support of the Wildlife Conservation Society. When it was expanded in 2004, the society hailed it as "the biggest tiger reserve in the world".

"In the northernmost stretches of Myanmar [Burma]," the society's latest newsletter reported earlier this month, "a valley exists where tigers can just be tigers. Country officials have declared the entire Hukaung Valley a protected tiger area. With 8,452 square miles in which to roam, hunt and hopefully breed, the region's remaining tigers have a chance too few of their kind currently enjoy".

But according to a report by the Kachin Development Networking Group, there has been wholesale destruction of large areas of forest for mono-crop development. Yuzana, a company owned by U Htay Myint, a wealthy businessman close to Burma's ruling generals, has taken over 200,000 acres in the south of the reserve. The Yuzana Integrated Agricultural Project began in 2007 with the junta's blessing.

The company is building a "green zone" enclave, within the project area, containing workers' barracks, a factory and a supermarket and surrounded by two metre-high concrete wall. Clashes have broken out between the company and villagers within the project area, and more than 160 families have been forced to move, the report said. It said with the villagers out of the way, the forest greenery was killed off with herbicide. Then Yuzana's bulldozers and excavators dug out and hauled away the debris, leaving large swathes of flattened and denuded land.

Only the tiger reserve's signposts remained in the cleared areas. "When there are many forests, it is a hot-spot for biodiversity," reads one of the signs. Another sign said: "Mountains and forests are deep; the animals have a good home and food."

The machines then carved deep irrigation canals between the eviscerated blocks of land, allegedly bisecting all but one of the tiger corridors running through the park which are meant to allow tigers and other wild animals to roam and hunt. The threat to the reserve has not gone unnoticed.

In 2007 BirdLife International, a global partnership of conservation organisations, reported on Yuzana's incursions. In March 2008 the organisation said that a strip of forest up to 1.5mile-wide that ran for 50 miles had been almost completely felled and re-planted with sugar cane and jatropha biofuel plantations. The authors of the new report say that "as of February 2010 [we] were unable to see any remaining forests in animal corridor areas [within the agricultural zone]. Only the signboards of the forest department and the Wildlife Conservation Society were left standing."

Ah Nan, spokesperson for KDNG, said: "The destruction in Hukaung makes a mockery of the tiger reserve. Yuzana is doing whatever it likes with the aid of the generals and the silence of the conservationists."

In plans to be submitted to next month's Global Tiger Summit in St Petersburg, Burma's military regime boasts that it will double the country's tiger population by 2022. But last October WCS said that there were fewer than 100 tigers left in the Hukaung Valley Tiger Reserve, a decline from the previous figure of 150.

WCS was not available for comment.


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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wunpawng Myusha Hte Hpun Maling Mala

Photo: Ju Hpun Hta Mahkawng Nga Ai WP Nu Num Langai

Wupawng Mungdaw nga mare kahtawng masha ni yawng gaw sak hkrung lam hte kanbau bungli a matu hpun maling mala kawn pru ai sut nhprang rai ni hpe madung shamyet shanat nga ai. Gashadawn – hkai lu hkai hkai sha lam hta ahkyak dik htum rai nga ai lamu ga sau hte hka ni gaw hpun maling mala n-nga yang hten za mat na re.


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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010

10 days trip Hugawng

Jinghku ni hte Manaw manang ni tsaw ra myit hte woi wam hkawm nna du hkawm ai US gana mahkrum madup nkau myi .........

Shawng nnan US Losangeles kaw du nna ,Atalanta Georgia,Florida Jeckson velle,Louisiana, US mungdan a sin na kawn sinpraw hkran daw ni hta gayin gawai hkawm chyai ai hku rai sai,
Shawng nnan daw gaw nbungli mung ajin aban jawn,Bai nna maw daw mung ajin aban nan jawn hkum she tsu ai hku rai sai.
Du ai hte 2,3 yan gaw hkum npyaw ai zawn ,baw machyi ai zawn culture shock,weather shock hkam sha ai lam rai nga ai.Rai tim shara nnan du ai hte jinghku manang ni rau hkrum zup lu majaw mung kabu let pyaw nga ai.
Losangeles kaw nnan du shang wa yang Jahpawt katsi pyaw ai hpe Myikyina buga zawn hkam sha ai.Rai tim Sunshine city florida hte Georgia Sate de du ai shaloi gaw aga ga Malaysia,singapore hta pyi grau gahtet ai zawn hkam sha ai hku re.
Bai nna Myen mung buga na du sa ai masha nkau myi shan hte tsun jahta gajai ai gamung ni state ngai hte ngai shai hkat nga ma ai.
Georgia Kaw du ai shaloi na mahkrum madup ni gaw,Malaysia kawn du sa ai Manaw manang ni alum ala rai hkap tau la hkrum ai,An hte nnan du ai ni hpe US asu ya hte garum ning tum hpung ni gara hku garum na,lek mat hkum sum hpa gara hku shawk na,Bungli galaw yang hkying hkum myi hta gade lu na,Ma hte kanu nta masha ni a garum madi shadaw gum hpraw gara hku shawk na,asu ya kaw credit lu na matu gara hku nga sa galaw gun hpai ra na ,e ndai hku ladi shachying hpang wa ai lam tsun jahta nga ma ai,
An hte Malaysia ga na ni RSD ngut sai i?Ya RST ngut shata gade rai sai kun?aw OPE htai ngut sai ngajang gaw Tsi jep sana re nga ai,Tsi awng jang gaw US lu pru na sha re sai,E hkau Nang Gara Mung dan ang a ta? Nga nna Jahta tsun hkat ai zawn ndai bu ga na ni mung tsun chyai nga ma ai.
Taxes hte Florida gaw Jinghpaw Wunpawng myusha ni shanu nga ai law dik re lam chye lu ai.
Manang ni hte hkrum yang an hte state de she htawt wa marit,grai hkrak ai nga nna an hte nnan du shang wa ai ni hpe Kadai mung kade a state grau hkrak ai lam tsun sang lang dan chye ma ai.

Florida Jecksonville de sadu chyai yang na lak lai ai hu gawng a Mahkrum madup ni gaw,
Pang lai hte ni ai du hkra ladaw hpe hkam sha ai,Kahtet ai,shana daw gaw grai nga pyaw ai.
Manaw manang ni shan hte tsun jahta ai lam gaw,Magam bungli hte Hpaga yum ga lam,Dum nta hte mawdaw kaja mari ai lam, Amahkam hkam daga lam ni hpe tsun jahta nga ma ai,

Shata pru na Hu gawng a Manang ni ndai florida e gara gaw gade a nta re, nga nna hkan madun,jing hku woi jahkrum rai n gun myi alu rai woi hkawm ai hku rai sai.

Sushi seng hpaw sha nna gum hpraw lawlaw lu ai ni,Mawdaw datsi seng hpaw sha nna nga ai ni,Lusha seng hte gat seng ni hpaw sha nna hpa ga let shang gum hpraw chye tam ai ni,gawgap bungli hpe laksan galaw ai ni hpe mung mulu ai hku re.

Florida e Jinghpaw wunpawng 200 jan nga ai hta na hting gaw law malawng gaw tinang nta tinang mari rawng nna ti nang magam bungli madu lu nga ai hpe mu lu ai hku re.
Nta manu mai nna mari rawng ai hkum shadu dam,US mung 5 kawn sen 2 jan dan ai nta ni mari rawng taw ai ni re yaw.Law malawng gaw US du ai 10,ning jan ni rai nga ma ai,
Jinghpaw ni gaw mawdaw mung second hand USED CAR,nau n mari jawn ai hpe mu lu ai.US mun mi jan hte mun 3 lapran mawdaw ni mari jawn ai hpe mu lu ai.Hpa majaw nga yang Used car Manu mai mai hte mari jawn nna hten jang pyin ai gaw grau manu hpu ai majaw re nga tsun ma ai.
Bai nna Florida Jecksonville Jinghpaw ni gaw, Jinghpaw wunpawng Laksan Nawku jawng Ginra Mari na lam mung bawng ban nga ai lam chye lu ai.Kyuhpyi garum ga.

Ning ngu nna american ga grai wanglu wanglang hte majoi myi lu pyaw nga ai gaw hkum shadu dam yaw,Asuya a gaw da ai rit kawp hkumsumhpa hte Tax sum hpa,ama hkam sum hpa hte gyit hkang da ai lapran kaw nrau n htau rai shakut shaja nna masha u tsang mai nga ai re hpe mung dum ra nga ai,

hpa myi nga tim Karai a shaman chye ju rai sai,Tsinyam hte du sa ai ni kaw na" nan hte Jing hpaw ni gaw lawan dik hku nna galu gaba wa nga myit dai "nga nna buga masha ni tsun nga ai lam hpe mung chye lu ai hku re.

hugawng a mahkrum madup sha re,
Bai hkrum ga.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hugawng a hkrum lam

Hugawng hte dum nta masha ni Karai a shaman chye ju majaw US mungdan de Bu htawt hkawm mat na ahkang lu la sai hku re.

Ya ten hku hkau ai Manang hte jing hku ni woi hkawm nna US mungdan e wam chyai dam chyai hkawm nga ga ai.

Masha ni tsun dan ai sha na ga ai shara ginra ni hkan de dam hkawm yu sai ga re nga ai.

Jinghpaw mung hte Malaysia ,Yangung,Myitkyina hkan Tam shamat kau ai manaw manang ding sa ni hpe ndai US ga e wa mu hkrum nna mung grai kabu kau sai.US Kachin ni ten tup kyin nga ai hpe mulu ai,Ngai nan mung ten tup kyin nna nrau hkawm ra ai prat de du wa sai hku re.Malaysia ga na zawn Online mung nau nlu dung mat sai.Hugawng a blog kana ten pyi nau nlu sai hku re.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Hpa kant

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