Saturday, August 29, 2009



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Friday, August 28, 2009

Shiga kahtet wa sai law..Jin jin yaw

Ndai hkau a sumla yu nna n gun grai lu ai,an hte Kachin ni mung Gabaw amyu myu hte shara grai naw lu nga ai,Makawp maga let bai jat la na hku di ga.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blog Day 2009

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chyeju hpring ai shaning 2009 KRC shiga

Dai ni hugawng hpe KRC myusha hpa awn ni KRC Monthly Journal Vol-1-No,5 Aug 09 Laika buk ngai wa jaw ma ai.chyeju kaba sai.Ndai KRC shiga laika pa hpe mungdan shagu nga ai an hte Kachin ni hpe lu shabra yang kaja ai ngu mu mada ai,Laika man 31 rawng nna shata myi hta kalang shapraw ai re lam chye lu ai.jinghpaw hku,Myenhku,English hku rai yawng chyena lu hkra gayau nna ka jahtuk tawn ai hpe mu lu ai.
Shiga gabaw de yu dat yang,Kanu mungdan kata,Malaysia kachin shiga,Mungkan shiga,UN shiga,NGO shiga,KRC hpaji dap shiga hte gara hku kaning rai hkawm sa tsun shaga ra ai lam matsun ni mung lawm ai hpe mu lu ai.
Eg: myit lawm na zawn re shiga gabaw ni hpe mung makawp(Cover) hta e...
hkum tsup hkra chye mayu yang KRC Journal she mari hti n gun jaw na hku di ga,KRC rung de matut yang mung grau htuk nga ai.
Hugawng tsun mayu ai gaw chyeju hpring ai 2009 a lam chyi myi re.kaja wa nan 2009 ning gaw KRC ni chyeju hpring ai hpe mu lu ai,shawoi shaning na hta UN lekmat jaw ai law dik shaning re hpe chye lu ai,daining gaw Kachin ni hpe 1500 jan jaw sai hpe mu lu ai.U ga amyu baw sang ni yawng hta jaw ai law dik re lam mung chye lu ai,moi shawng de gaw Chin hte kayin hpe sha law law jaw hte Kachin hpe gaw 250 jan hta nlai ai majaw gashun nna garu taw ra ra re hpe mu lu ai.Dai ning gaw yawng myitsim sa lam lu nga sai.
Dai hta sha n ga nna KRC a matu nga nna Mini Van motor car Good Second hand mung 2 ting jaw ai lam chye lu ai.Motor car hpe alu jaw ya ai ni gaw ;Malaysia,shaalam Catholic Chruch ,Devine Mercy nawku hpung kaw na re lam chye lu ai.Father Paul Lino KRC hpe ap ya nna 20th July 2009 shani MKBC naw ku jawng na REV: Dingshu lahkawng akyu hpyi shaman ya let hkap la lusai lam KRC shiga dap kawn chye lu ai.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Malesha kaw Myusha Ni hpe woi awn laiwa sai Hpa awn Kaji kaba yawng gaw USA mungdan de N gaw htawt ang nga ai

Hugawng gaw laiwa sai bat hta online kaw nna USA de n gaw htawt ang mat wa sai myusha hpa awn ni hpe shaga hkrup ai,Laiwa sai KDO Malaysia hpe zinlum lai mat ai ning baw usa Chyang hkaw ahyung,Tangbau Kam li,Slg Adeegwa,Sara Labya la seng,sara Rev: Yawba ni hte hkrum byin ai.
Sara TB Kam li hte Adee Gwa yan hte shaga hkrup yang Karai kasang gaw an hte KDO,KRC mugun ni yawng hpe USA de nan sha ang nga ai,Magam bungli lama myi matsun ang sam ai nga jahta hkrup ai hku re,
Ngai hu gawng bai sagawn dat yu yang KDO,KRC hpe nnan hpang ai kaw nna dai ni du hkra magam gun ai myusha ning baw yawng gaw USA mungdan de n gaw htawt ang ai hpe mu lu ai.Mau hpa re.Ong Lahpai ngai sha Denmark mung dan de ang nga ai.Gadai wa gara de ang ai gaw hpang de chye lu na lam nga ai.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

hugawng pa na Hto la gi hte Magwi

moi magwi hkawm ai shara ni hta ya Hto la gi hkawm taw sai,
moi jinghpaw ni pyau chyai ai Danai hka Ya myen ni hkyi nyi bang sai

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hugawng pa bum de Mura Hpun sau wa hkai ga

Ngai hu gawng gaw Naw kaji ten hta hpun sau hpaga ga ai ten kaba wa ai la wa rai nngai,dai ni ngai kaba wa yang,hugawng pa gaw yawng hten ma sai,
rai tim ndai mura hpun sau ni hpe bai hkai nna n ngun awai la ga ngu ga saw dat nngai law..
Mawdaw lam mare kaba hkan gaw masha amyu ni shara la kau sai,Rai tim bumring bum rang de gaw an hte matu shara naw nga na nhten? myit lawm ai ni a matu ndai Malaysia mung dan hte indonisia mung dan ni hte sa yu ,sharin la nna bung li mai galaw ai lam,ndai web hte shachyen dat nngai law..

Agarwood Training Modules

Agarwood training modules were tailored to meet the real Agarwood plantation business. Our training modules were giving more emphasize on practical training. Our training is more on ground works where all participants will be exposed with real Agarwood plantation business.


Main Objective: To give as much as Practical Experience to Participants of How to Start Agarwood Business Effectively. Our Practical Course is more vibrant as Participants will be guided thru REAL TIME experience at REAL AGARWOOD PLANTATION & SME FACTORY.

All participants will be given the practical training regarding:

  1. Quality Seeding Selection - How to choose the highest Quality of Agarwood Seeds?
  2. Effective ways to Plant Agarwood Trees
  3. Practical ways to Manage Agarwood Trees & Plantation Compound
  4. Systematic approach how to Inject Resins into Agarwood Trees
  5. How to cook Agarwood Oils
  6. How to get Direct Customers from Overseas without any MIDDLE MAN!

click di hkum tsup hkra yu ga

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Hukaung Valley Tiger Reserve-Anyonebeen there recently?

Posted from ( Lonely )
30-Jul-2009 09:51,by: okaygo,Posts: 33,Registered: 15/05/09

in September 2008 ... Russia’s Nobel Oil signed two contracts with the government that were collectively worth $94 million. Worringly, one of the areas covered under the contracts is the Hukawng Valley region, which is home to the world’s largest tiger reserve

a query for Hukawng Valley turns up a lot of worrisome things..
(this alternate spelling had more results than the one used in the post title)
Posted:30-Jul-2009 14:16,by: infernoland33,Posts: 4,Registered: 27/07/9

The situation in Hukaung right now is quite complicated, and the tiger reserve at this point seems to be a reserve in name only, with rights being handed out by the government to explore for oil and uranium, as well as to convert vast jungle tracts into sugarcane plantations.

The situation with the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) is in fact tied to the election. Trouble started last yera when the KIA refused to endorse the constitutional referendum. The government responded with a variety of annoying, childish antics, like setting up roadblocks to extract extra taxes from Kachin people, confiscating mobile phones, etc.

Now the government wants the KIA (and other ethnic cease-fire groups) to act as a border guard for the Tatmadaw after the election. The KIA has said it is not interested in playing any such role, and rumor has it that they are re-arming and training young recruits in the event that war breaks out again. Government sources also name the Naga as a source of tension in Hukaung, but I don't believe it -- Naga rebels operate hundreds of miles away, much closer to the Indian border ...

This is the problem conservationists have in dealing with dictatorial governments: they can "create" wildlife reserves with a single signature, and then proceed to do what they want with the land anyway. Only a few years ago it was possible to see tigers crossing the Ledo Road, but now the few that are left seem to have fled towards the Chinese border, right into the hands of poachers who harvest tiger parts for medicinal purposes. Tiger penis soup, anyone?

Dr Rabinowitz seems to have all but abandoned Hukaung, given the obstacles he faces there. One glimmer of hope is that he believes there might be a bigger population of tigers in Tanintharyi Division, on the border with Thailand. Whether this area can be properly protected is another story. It would likely require the establishment of a cross-border protected area administered by both Myanmar and Thailand.

I don't know if Dr Rabinowitz has it in him to continue working in Myanmar. Even Lamphi Island in Myeik Archipelago, which he convinced the gov't to protect as a Marine National Park in the early 1990s, has been slated for hotel development under the unwise supervision of Evil Business Genius Tay Za. And Tay Za now has his grimy paws in the Putao area, with plans to expand Malikha Lodge after he bought it out from the original owner (who had wanted to keep it small, intimate, and unobtrusive). Tay Za says he wants to build a road all the way to Hkakoborazi so he can visit the highest peak in Myanmar without having to walk! Diseased thoughts from a diseased mind ...
Posted,01-Aug-2009 11:55,by: mateosh40,Posts: 105'Registered: 21/10/08
Here is a proposed itinerary that the travel agency Colombus Travels is offering for one person. I have convinced them to allow tent camping in Hukuang Valley for two nights. They have stated we will enter the tiger preserve. Please let me know if this seems like a good deal and if it is even possible. other travel agencies have expressed to me that it is not possible to enter the reserve because of elections. How can these guys be any different. Also they stated they will need 50% deposit before arrival and the rest upon arrival.
I am pleased to give you following suggested program and price
according to current flight schedule (Yangon - Myitkyina is operated on Tue,
Thu, Fri and Sun currently). And we need to apply permission well in advance
and it takes 20 working days at least.

Day 01 (Mon) Arrive Yangon with am flight

Meet on arrival at Yangon International airport transfer to hotel for check
in then Sule Pagoda, Maha Bandoola Park with Independence Monument, located
at the heart of the city, Chaukhtatgyi reclining Buddha image and the 2,500
years old magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda sheathed in 11 tons of pure gold and
4,350 diamonds weighing 1800 carats! At sunset, the Shwedagon offers
visitor a spectacular show of lights and shadows. Overnight at Parkroyal
Hotel ****, superior room.

Day 02 (Tue) Yangon - Myitkyina by flight - Tanaing by car

After breakfast at hotel transfer to airport for flight to Myitkyina. On
arrival drive to Tanaing (about 8 hrs drive). On arrival transfer and
overnight at Guest house.

Day 03 (Wed) Tanaing - Hukaung Valley
After breakfast trekking to Huakung Valley and overnight in jungle tent camping. Lunch
(B,L,D)Day 04 (Thu) Hukaung Valley
After breakfast proceed to trekking. Lunch and dinner and overnight in jungle tent camping (B,L,D)
Day 05 (Fri) Huakung - Shin Bweyan
After breakfast proceed to Shin Bweyan and you will see several of Kachin'
tribe people. Overnight at village. (B,L,D)
Day 06 (Sat) Shin Bweyan - Myitkyina by car (about 8 hrs drive)
After breakfast drive to Myitkyina and overnight at Punsun Hotel. (B)
Day 07 (Sun) Myitkyina - Yangon by flight

After breakfast free and leisure until transfer to airport for flight to
Yangon. On arrival transfer to hotel and overnight at Parkroyal Hotel. (B)

Day 08 (Mon) Departure with evening flight

After breakfast visit to Botataung Pagoda, a famous landmark on Yangon's
waterfront where one can see Buddha's hair relic , and Nanthida Jetty to see
people coming and going for work from either side of the Yangon River. Then
tour continue to visit the Bogyoke market- a shopping market with more than
2000 shops selling all kinds of products but of special mention is the
beautiful exotic "Shan Bag" velvet slippers, lacquer ware, Gems shops and
all sorts of handicraft. Then transfer to airport for your Int'l flight. (B)

Tour cost for above program is USD 2375.00 per person based on 1 pax.
Valid from 01 Oct 2009 - 31 Mar 2010
Service Includes:
Accommodation with breakfast at single room basis
Transfer & sightseeing with private car
Lunch and dinner from Day 02 to 06
English speaking station guide fee
Porter fee & trekking guide fee
Permission fee

Royalty fee

Domestic flight for Yangon - Myitkyina - Yangon

Entrance fee

2 bottles mineral water and one snow tower will provide through
out trip on car

Service Excludes:

Meals on Day 01, 07 & 08
International airport departure tax (USD 10 per person)
Visa fee & handling fee
Personal expenses such as camera fee, tips and etc.
Other services not mentioned above are excluded

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