Sunday, February 22, 2015

Christine Ah Char's post.

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the hearts of the Burmese people about military. Just few moths ago, their Fucking Soldiers killed dozens of Ethnic officers at Laiza but these fucking group zipped their fucking mouths and never pointed out the bad manner of the Burmese Soldiers. This is the evidence that any single Burmese people don't care about the painful hearts of the ethnic people. It's time for the ethnic people to be more united and helping each other in the time of troubles. We must make decision to keep staying with fucking Burmese people or not. Don't spend your money on the movies of these fucking guys. Because of fucking Burmese Soldiers, thousands of the ethnic people lost their lives and being homeless at this moment. These fucking groups are supporting their fucking Burmese dogs to keeping raping and killing other ethnic people. These pictures show us not to trust any single Burmese.. because Burmese is only Burmese... they are not Kachin, Karen, Chin, Mon, Rakhai, Shan, Wa, or Chinese.. or other ethnics.. We have to be wise.