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I am a Politician not a human rights worker(DASSK)

Aung San Suu Kyi: falling from grace
 Aung San Suu Kyi: falling from grace by BBC cannal4 news
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    Hena 25-Oct-13 at

    She should be shunned by the international community, instead of being greeted with open arms by world leaders. I still don’t understand why Obama visited that country when ‘ethnic cleansing’ was taking place there and still continues.
    The plight of these people is so desperate and she is viewed as some kind of peacemaker.
    I always questioned her motives all those years ago staying under house arrest, but was shocked by her first comments when questioned about Rohyinga people.
    For anyone interested they have history in Burma dating back to nearly 700 years.
    Obama’s visit, world leaders courting this woman condones this attempt to seize the lands of Burmese Muslims and to force them out of the country.
    Shame on her. Shame on these |Burmese who stand by and let this continue.

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        phyo kyaw 28-Oct-13 at

        Obama also called Malaysia a country showing great leadership in fairness, equality and moderation for a Muslim country.

        I have lived and commuted back and forth from Malaysia.

        Go and look up Bumiputra status.

        It is also known as Apartheid in South Africa.

        Obama’s actions and words do not mean anything in this part of the real world.

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    augenbleak 25-Oct-13 at

    Great piece!! Lets see if this attracts the same sort of rabid racist right wing drivel that David Blair’s piece did in the Torygraph. ASSK is playing to her Baman Buddhist audience at home.

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    Yusuf Iqbal 26-Oct-13 at

    It is good for the world to know the true picture of DASSK. She is scare of Burmese military propaganda. she knew that Mamas are Ultra racist now and if she acknowledge the truth about Rohingya condition, she will loose popular support.’

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    Gerry 26-Oct-13 at

    The article says ……”Observers and activists have accused Burma’s “icon of democracy” of factual inaccuracies and a surprising shortage of compassion”
    Well if they had looked at the history of her treatment of her own family, they shouldn’t be surprised by this….. in my opinion, a cold and callous, calculating woman!

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    win pe 26-Oct-13 at

    Take 20 Bangladedh muslims to your country (you named rohingya) and give chance to live and work. After five years let’s discuss about them.
    You never know them and write article about them from hearsay is useless.
    Try these muslims in UK.

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    salai 27-Oct-13 at

    I don’t think the world shouldn’t jump on to criticize Suu Kyi over her stand and view on stateless Rohingyas in Burma. In humanity, everyone sympathize with the plight of Rohingyas but in reality to co-exist together with Rohingyas, no country in the world offer to accept them including Muslim countries. If the Rohingyas behave themselves and try to be civilized like others, Burmese could easily accept them but they are so savage and criminal. No human can live among Rohingyas infested community as they only create chaos and commit crime.

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        Gerry 28-Oct-13 at

        I just wonder how much of what you write is personal experience, and how much is only what you have heard?

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    Saw Lu Doh 27-Oct-13 at

    100% agree with this article….cause the world seem Ms Suu Kyi as a hero of democratic leader of Burma but it was just true to it’s own people; Burmese. On the other, her position to the ethnics people in Burma was different. There are a lot of ethnics cleansing if Burma, like war in Kachin State, war to karen people (at previous) these were one ways of ethnic cleansing but she was so silent all the cases. As democratic leader and noble peace prize winner she also cried out her voice concerning this…..but silent….She was the leader of Burmese,,,,,just for Burmese not for Ethnics people in Burma,,,,
    We respect her but the respect didn’t come back to the ethnics people that also the reason that Burma became fighting ground between ethnics people and government regime.

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    The Illchemist 27-Oct-13 at

    While Aung San Su Kyi’s remarks are sadly unsurprising, the reporter is wrong to say that Muslims don’t have citizenship in Burma. Rohingya Muslims, perhaps 800,000 people don’t have citizenship. Altogether Burma is home an estimated 4-5 million Muslims, most of whom do have citizenship. Doesn’t mean they’re not discriminated against of course. But anyway, that’s a fairly glaring error.

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    Doubt 27-Oct-13 at

    I agree with all this except that Im not sure about this affirmation :
    “Muslims are denied citizenship in Burma and face a wide range of draconian restrictions on healthcare, schooling, travel – even their ability to have children”

    Rohingya YES all Muslims NOT !

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    Terrell Oung 27-Oct-13 at

    US, UK, Australia and others countries what you do with illegal migrants. What Myanmar is doing is same like what the Americans are doing on US Mexico border and many illegal trying to enter UK in the trucks. Did you take them in and gave them citizenship. When you all do that then you can criticise Myanmar. All these problem is started by British colonialism and it is the British bought in all those Bengali from India at that time into Burma. To solve this problem is very easy because it the British who started it, UK should take all these Bengali illegal immigrant. I am 100% sure they will be very happy to go to UK.

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        BurmeseDaze 28-Oct-13 at

        @ Terrell Oung:

        Correction: US, UK, Australia and others (sic) countries do not massacre women and children and old people who happen to be *illegal immigrants*.

        It’s a shame that the gentle Buddhist tradition of tolerance has been replaced with hatred and violence in Burma.

        When I read the comments by some Burmese — both inside and outside the country — I see this mix of jingoistic ignorance and patriotic arrogance but not much self awareness.

        In the recent past, narrow nationalism turned Burma into the *least developed country* in the world. This time, the current hubristic nationalism will doom Burma: there won’t be a country to call home. A word to the wise . . .

        Meanwhile, will the real Suu Kyi please stand up?: oops, there isn’t one. A media created icon is soon forgotten.

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    Speedy 27-Oct-13 at

    There is only one Mandela in the world. True and honest to his convictions. Aung San Suu kyi is a politician pure and simple!

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        Karim632 28-Oct-13 at

        There is only one Mandela in the world and he is true and honest to his convictions. He is unusual. Most people seeking power, as she did, are proved in time to be dishonest and self serving. However, in defence of the Buddhists of Myanmar, the Umma are a community of believers connected by their faith and as such the Burmese believe that Islam comes before Burmese nationality, hence their distrust.

        It’s all a sad mess. As to taking in refugees don’t think there is much room in the UK for many more. We are getting a bit crowded.

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    Paul Martin 28-Oct-13 at

    WOW. Her “fall from grace”?
    Our impossible expectations… who could possibly live up to them?

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        Gerry 28-Oct-13 at

        You say “Impossible expectations” ? Do you really think that expecting a self styled leader to say something in defense of a persecuted race, in order to achieve harmony and peace in her country is an impossible expectation? Wow if your standards are so low you’re not going far in this life!

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    John Sparks 28-Oct-13 at

    Yes, fair comment – I meant to say that Muslim Rohingya are denied citizenship and face draconian restrictions. I will have the blog changed to reflect that.

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    phyo kyaw 28-Oct-13 at

    This is just pathetic. Let me quote, “factual inaccuracies and a surprising shortage of compassion” That is how this article started, and it galls me that the author should say such a thing when the facts are already skewed here equally.

    There is no such thing as a Rohingya race in Burma. In fact, when the country gained independence that Aung San Suu Kyi’s father fought and died for, there were no Rohingya in Burma. These people migrated from Bangladesh during the 50′s to 60′s, squatters basically, took up the language and decided to settle in another’s land. In the states you call them the latino mexicans, in France and Spain you call them Northern Africans. People who were never part of your country crossing borders illegally to sit their pirate selves down.

    Never mind that.

    Nobody in Burma cares for race or religion. We care if you are a good or a bad person. Come and see for yourself, stay a day, a week, a month. You will see what being a decent human being behaves like.

    Now the Rohingya people.

    This conflict started because a Burmese girl got raped and killed while passing by a Rohingya village. This happened in a country whereby walking alone as a girl in the middle of the night in Yangon requires no insecurity or protection. Take that into regard.

    And then the skirmishes began.

    This is about people, not race nor religion, just people fighting and killing for each others beliefs and views. And then somewhere along the way, the international community tagged “religion” and “race” into the mix.

    Please kindly go and do your damned research.

    I will go do mine. Here. On-site. In Burma.

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    avinash 28-Oct-13 at

    Muslims in Burma were troubled by several other references in her BBC interview. First, a reference to those Muslims who had “managed to integrate” has made many feel uncomfortable. Here’s what she said: “I would like to make the point that there are many moderate Muslims in Burma who have been well integrated into our society….” That’s got many people asking whether she thinks Muslims have to acquire some sort of “Burmeseness” in order to be “accepted”. There is, of course, no such thing as a national identity in Burma. The constitution recognises 135 different ethnic groups

    a loaded article imo. when the whole world is closing its borders. what is the problem with her saying muslims have to have burmeseness in them to integrate. how is it different from what the uk or australia or the us demands of immigrants or people of other countries

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    Martin72 28-Oct-13 at

    What can I say? I am disappointed. I was wondering why she wouldn’t comment on the plight of these Arakanese Burmese Moslems… This woman is a politician: her negociations with the Junta have been blasted by some who were tortured in Insein prison (she was under hosue arrest…) and who belong to her own party the NLD. And she is a nationalist in the end: a pro-Western political figure who thinks that one cannot be Burmese if one isn’t a Buddhist or a Christian. And her theories of “Islamic World Power” would sound like rabid antisemtism if the world Islam was replacy by “Jew”. I am in fact appaled that the victims of yesterday are the corrupt and calculating politicians of tomorrow. She is not “the Lady” any more… I thought 15 years in house arrest would not make her negociate with the Junta, leaving them in power… I thought it would forge an uncompromising character when it came to principles. I was wrong…

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Aung San Suu Kyi: falling from grace