Saturday, March 16, 2013

We are sending the report of Burmese military's movements in the past few days.

Dear Friend,

We are sending the report of Burmese military's movements in the past few days.

The Burmese government is busy with reinforcement, the massive weapons stockpile and ammunition while taking a break in pretext of Peace-Talk period. The KIA war office have ordered its troops to retreat along the Myitkyina to Bhamo motor road. When looking at Burmese troops' daily military activities, we have doubts that the Burmese government is genuinely committed to peace.

We are urging China, US and UK Government to monitor and pressure to stop the military activities of Burmese troops in the KIO administrative areas.
Thursday 16 March 13
161030: Another 11 Burmese military trucks from Myitkyina have arrived Gang Dau Yang.
161120: 34 Burmese army trucks fully loaded with army logistic, ammunition, arms, timber and rations, which arrived other day in Gang Dau Yang, continued to Nam San. 
Thursday 14 March 13
132435: Myitkyina based Burmese army command send 30 military trucks loaded with ammunition, ration and other logistics to Gang Dau Yang.
Wednesday 13 March 13
103500: 6 Burmese soldiers killed and 13 injured in fighting with Burmese army and KIA in Huhpyet of the KIO’s 4th Brigade area in Northern Shan State this morning. The fighting occurred due to [Hka. La. Ya] 241battalion with 50 Burmese army troops encroached into the KIO administrative areas and encountered with 4th platoon of KIA’s People’s Defence Force- MHH under KIA’s 301 tactical command. 
Tuesday 12 March 13
09000: Burma Army (BA) Military Operational Command (MOC) 33 reinforced ammunitions and ration supply on 47 trucks to Sham Jaw village, stop briefly and then 43 military trucks continue to Ta-Mu and Nam-U for Chihpwi of KIA 4th battalion of 1st  Brigade administrative area.
100500: Burmese army Hka.Ma.Ya [437] of Mu Bum Post fired automatic rifle machine guns toward KIA’s 21st battalion post stationed next to Border Post 43.
16000: Loi Lum (Lung Hai) based SSPP/SSA clashed with Burmese army unit Hka.La.Ya (291) due to Burmese troops was storming by force to the SSP/SSA administration area. The fighting has left many Burmese troops in casualties and death.  

Sunday 10 March 13
180000: Burma Army (BA) Military Operational Command (MOC)3 encroached Maran Kahtawng and Nawng Pung villages of the KIA 11th battalion area, the camping at Makawk Zup Kadawng and Loi Li Yang old villages around 200000 local time. 
Whenever Burmese troops want to intrude the KIA territory, they used to give a pretext like “Burmese soldier deserted with arms and ammunition”.