Wednesday, October 12, 2016

wondering how were they able to fly along international boundary without entering into Chinese airspace?

During the five years of civil war in Kachin region, while Burma Air Force keep dispatching its MIGs and attack helicopters to the KIA outposts which sit along Sino-Burma border, I kept wondering how were they able to fly along international boundary without entering into Chinese airspace?
China is currently fighting tooth and nail over maritime disputes of Senkaku, Spratly, Scarborough Shoal, and Paracel islands, which are hundreds of miles away from the shores of Mainland China. President Xi repeatedly claims in international forums that it would allow no nation to compromise its territorial integrity. Reality differs in Kachin war, Burmese Tatmadaw which has been attacking Kachin forces (KIA) are repeatedly using sovereign Chinese airspace of Yunnan Province, on its Mainland, to maneuver its flights.
Unless Tatmadaw obtained an approval from China, it is unimaginable what the consequences of such incursion would be. If similar event were to happen somewhere in South China sea, events like Crimea would have easily erupted. Question now for Burmese public is, what did the Govt of Burma and Tatmadaw give in return for using Chinese airspace?
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Gumgrawng Hkan Naw In according with Joint Press Release between China and Burma's newly government on August of 2016, they get now hand-in-hand again to go forward and to support each other despite the fact that they have many internal conflicts-unlawful judgement - human right violations to tackle with. Need to be more careful about our present position but, perhaps, it may lead us to finding the best solution for our liberation from...., hopefully!
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Hkun Htoi Layang Miwa rai yang gaw bai Kachin ni American hpe kanu kawa kam ai hku bai shadu ma ai re. Miwa hpe Kachin ni grai nju ai mung shadu ma ai. Anhte gaw shadu ai lapran kaw chya taw nga saga ai. Mahtai tam yu ra.
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Gumrawng Gumtsa Well what can we do? We tired to say that living together with the hold Burmese is not solution. We need to do something Ever done before like separate country. All our leader must speak up to the world, this is the best way for us Kachin great again.
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Emma Say Say So sorry for Kachin people!