Tuesday, February 5, 2013

KIO/KIA & Government Joint-Statement (Unofficial Translation)

The immediate result of meeting between Thein Sein's Peace Committee and KIO/KIO is the electricity back to Myitkyina. All the non-Bama ethnic groups must praised and endorsed how KIO/KIA carved out the unbelievable channel of all-inclusive ethnic-gain strategy mediated by China. UWSA seems incompatible to participate at this time. Hope, the next meeting would be the beginning of political negotiation between non-Bama and Bama.

KIO/KIA & Government Joint-Statement (Unofficial Translation)


1. The Government representative team led by Union Peacemaking Working Committee Vice-Chair Minister U Aung Min and the Negotiation Team of the Kachin Independence Organization met in Ruili (Shwe Li), Yunnan Province of the People’s Republic of China, from 9.00 am to 16.15 pm.

2. Ambassador LuoZhaohui from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China; General Saw Mutu Sae Po, Chairman, Padoh Saw KweHtoo Win, General-Secretary, and a member of the Karen National Union; Brig-Gen Sai Lu and 2 members from the Restoration Council of Shan State/ Shan State Army; and Mr.Harn Yawnghwe and Mr. Victor Biak Lian attended the meeting as witnesses.

3. The meeting discussed communications channels, the reduction of military tensions, and preparations for the next meeting, including who should participate or be invited as witnesses.

4. It was agreed that for the next meeting the KIO will consult with the UNFC, and the KIO and the Government of Myanmar will meet again towards the end of February to continue the political dialogue.

5. The Government and the KIO agreed to continue discussions on (ceasefire) monitors to ensure that a peace settlement can be sustained.