Saturday, November 22, 2014

KA Statement of Unprovoked Artillery Attack

Kachin Alliance A comment left by Zau Bawk in our previous post: 
just very recently Barak Obama warned Military government while he was in Myanmar last two weeks ago, these are
#firstly, the responsibility of all civilian's safety and well-being. For this Obama said
, "One of the main messages that I’ll deliver on this visit is that the government of Myanmar has a responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of all people in the country, and that the fundamental human rights and freedoms of all people should be respected." 
- but what the hell military gov does so far is that they just extremely
holding "Burman-centralized Gov" up, that has the purpose of nullifying on ethnic people’s equal right, justice, peace and freedoms in politics, social, business, culture, and religious as well. 

#secondly, to deal the nationwide ceasefire and all inclusive political
dialogue process with the ethnic groups as soon as possible, as he mentioned, "..the United States welcomes the progress made in Burma toward a nationwide ceasefire and an inclusive political dialogue process, and we are encouraged by the commitment of the government and ethnic groups to continue working toward a durable peace. To succeed, a ceasefire should lead to national reconciliation that strengthens the country and ensures that all ethnic groups can participate in determining their own destiny."
- contrary, yesterday the murder military army fired two 105mm artillery shells at a K.I.A Cadet Academy, twenty-two cadets were dead, and seventeen others wounded, then today they announced the press it again that was "unintentionally fired"

*They are an inveterate liars at all! 

#thirdly, seeking Justice- all perpetrators of crimes and abuses must be sued,he said- "Victims deserve justice, and the perpetrators of crimes and
abuses must be held to account in a credible and transparent manner. At the same time, every person has a role to play in Burma’s renewal."

-if yesterday fired was "unintentionally" then it is happening again like Ko Par Gyi's Justice cases, that was happened last month. Then tell me where is Justice! 

All of these cases are an example of how violations of international law have continued under this Stupid Thein Sein president. The commanders must be pursued for these incredibly serous crimes committed by military under their control, since they ordered to fire 150 mm, actually, I've learned that it is not to use in as civil war. There has to be a change, including Military Gen/s have to be punished. we must let them know that they will be prosecuted.

#must take full responsibility for the war crimes for breaking 94 agreement and 2013 Oct agreement that not to shell and fire during the peace talks.