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Burma Army Attacks Kachin Villagers; Rapes of 15-Year-Old Kachin Girl and 29-year-old Kachin Mother

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 Burma Army Attacks Kachin Villagers; Rapes of 15-Year-Old Kachin
Girl and 29-year-old Kachin Mother *
7 November 2013*
*Kachin State, Burma* *In this Report:* - *Attacks in Mung Ding Pa and Nam Lim Pa, with
hundreds of new IDPs held hostage in a church* - *Rape of 15-year-old
Kachin Girl* - *Summary of Burma Army Attacks and Activity in Kachin
State in October * - *Kachin mother raped*

- *2 children injured during attack on 15 October.*

On 22 October 2013, Burma Army soldiers from Infantry Battalions (IB) 47,
56, 236, 240, 276, and Light Infantry Battalions 601 and 602, all under the
command of MOC 21, attacked Nam Lim Pa and Mung Ding Pa Villages in Mansi
Township, 3rd Brigade, southern Kachin State. Burma Army soldiers took
villagers’ belongings, and caused 700 villagers from Mung Ding Pa to seek
refuge in a local Christian church. Burma Army soldiers held the villagers
hostage inside the church.

Some of these troops positioned themselves between Je Kham and Kawng Ja and
at 1:05 pm they began firing 60mm mortars at Mung Ding Pa village. At 2:05
pm, Burma Army soldiers attacked the village.

The commander of Burma Army MOC 21 arrested 8 male villagers from Kawng Ja
villages, KIA Battalion 12 territory in Brigade 3, ranging in age from 30
to 78. Their names are:
Maran Tu, 30 years old Laya tang, 43 years old Ndau Brang Tawng, 48 years
old Nhkum Mai, 45 years old Lahpai Zau Gam, 78 years old, Lahya Tu Ring, 32
years old Zinwa Naw, 35 years old

They were sent to Man Ta village the next day. As of the latest field
updates, these men were still held in Burma Army custody.

The day before, 21 October 2013, Burma Army troops from IB 60 and LIB 323
ordered villagers from Gawng Run, Nam Kahn and Je-U villages to remain
within their villages, and the soldiers closed the road between Gawng Ru
and Nam Lim Pa, which is in Kachin Independence Army’s 3rd Brigade

After the attack on the villages on 22 October, fighting broke out at 10:30
am between Nam Hkum and Awng Nan villages. 200 Burma Army troops from MOC
21 fought KIA battalion 12 troops. Fire exchanges lasted until 4:00 pm the
same day.

On 25 October 2013, KIA troops from Battalion 12, Brigade 3, exchanged fire
with Burma Army soldiers from MOC 21 when Burma Army troops arrived at Saga
Nam Hkaum, which is located in Mansi Township.

On the same day, at 4:00 am, 500 Burma Army soldiers from MOC 21 came to
Mung Ding Pa village, which had been attacked 3 days prior, and took 10
Kachin male villagers.

Also on the same day, the area under the control of KIA 4th Brigade, saw
fighting between KIA troops from Battalion 34 and Burma Army troops from
LIB 502 from 8:00 am until 11:30 am.
*Burmese Army Soldiers Gang Raped a 15-Year-Old Girl*

At 9:00 am on Wednesday 30 October 2013, Sumlut Roi Ja, a 15-year-old girl
from Lu Htawng Village in Kachin State, was gang-raped by several Burma
Army soldiers. The attackers were Captain Thet Hpyo Aung (also known as
Captain Zaw Htet Aung), and two soldiers from LIB 116. Lieutenant Colonel
Min Kyin San commands LIB 116, a mobile battalion under the Sagaing-based
33rd Light Infantry Division, which is commanded by Colonel Myit Maw.

Later that evening, Sumlut Roi Ja was handed back to her parents.
This rape report was relayed to FBR by Kachin Land News. *Kachin mother
raped; Villagers tortured*

On 2 September 2013, 200 Burma Army soldiers arrived at Nhka Ga village,
forcing KIA troops stationed there to decamp. Mr. Lahkyeng Hkaw Tup and
Yung Hka Hkyen, both from Nhka Ga village, were tortured and killed by
Burma Army troops from IB 137. Reverend Ram Me and 10 villagers were
arrested and tortured after being questioned by Burma Army troops. John
Seng Awng, son of Nhka Ga Village, was tied up and badly tortured. Burma
Army soldiers raped his wife, 29-year-old Nhtung Hkai Nang Htu, right in
front of him. They have one child.
*Summary of Burma Army Attacks and Activity in Kachin State in October*

During the month of October the Burma Army continued its campaign against
the Kachin people in Northern Burma. In a series of operational movements
government forces imprisoned civilians and forced them to work for military
purposes, carried out attacks against villages, and according to a local
newspaper (Kachin Land News), at least one officer and two soldiers
gang-raped a 15 year old girl.

In the course of operations, the Burma Army encroached on Kachin controlled
land, reinforced and strengthened existing positions, and disrupted
civilian activities throughout the area. Much of the fighting took place in
Mansi Township of Kachin State, but conflict was present throughout other
areas of southern Kachin and northern Shan states as well.

Between 9 October and 31 October at least six clashes took place. The Burma
Army shelled two villages, resulting in three civilian casualties, two of
which were children. Over the same time period, more than 700 civilians
were temporarily detained in a church.

The following is a summary of daily military activities conducted by the
Burma Army troops stationed in Kachin State.

*9 October 2013*

At 5:00 pm, government troops from Light Infantry Division (LID) 101
arrived at Nyawng Pin Ta village with four trucks. The village is in an
area controlled by KIA 26th Battalion, 2nd Brigade.

*10 October 2013*

An estimated 30 Burma Army soldiers from Myitkyina travelled in 2 boats to
reinforce Infantry Battalion (IB) 37 at Hu Kat village.

Burma Army IB 251 relieved IB 257 under LID 101 command, which is
positioned at Lung Tung village. The village is controlled by KIA
26thBattalion, 2
nd Brigade.

From 8:30 – 9:00 am, Ta-ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) Unit 256 and
forces from Burma Army LIB 505 and 506 clashed between Bang Hkalawk and Hu

*11 October 2013*

At 8:00 am, around 100 Burma Army soldiers from IB 105 arrived at Mogoung
from Samaw by train, and then continued to Hpakant by truck. This area is
under KIA 11th Battalion, 2nd Brigade.

Government troops from LIB 438 set up positions for security at Numlang and
Pangsak. The area is controlled by the KIAs 25th Battalion, 5th Brigade in
Sub-Dawhpum Yang township.

Burma Army LIB 522 was operating near Han Htet.

*12 October 2013*

At 9:30 am six trucks carrying troops and one truck carrying horses
departed Kuthkai for Namhkam, via Muse. The area is controlled by KIA
2ndBattalion, 4
th Brigade in Kuthkai township.

Government troops from IB 51 arrived at around Moda Ji and Mat Tai, and
troops from IB 236 led by Colonel Hpung Myat from MOC 21 arrived at Sin
Hkan and Nat Hkuk villages in KIA 5th Battalion 2nd Brigade area, within
Shwegu township.

At 5:00 pm, around one hundred Burma Army soldiers from unknown units
entered Manwing with five trucks in KIA 27th Battalion area from Namhkam in
KIA 3rd Brigade area of Mansi township.

*13 October 2013*

Burmese army troops led by Lieutenant Colonel Chaw Htik from LIB 259
relieved troops led by Lieutenant Colonel Hpu Myint Ting from IB 235
stationed around Sanghka which is in an area controlled by KIA 6thBattalion, 2
nd Brigade in Hpakant Township.

At 11:00 am six military trucks went to Sinli from Lashio, and two trucks
transporting artillery and one truck carrying soldiers entered Kuthkai in
northern Shan State.

Mixed troops from the Burma Army’s LID 33 and LIB 321 were gathering to
make an operational movement at Mada Bum, located near Ga Ra Yang and Nang
Zaw Yang, controlled by KIA 3rd Battalion under 5th Brigade, Waimaw

Burma Army IB 105 operated around Njang Yang, and IB 298 operated around
Hka Garan Yang and Tayang Zup. This area is controlled by KIA 4thBattalion, 1
st Brigade in Njang Yang township.

Burma Army IB 241 troops were operating around Ta Ku Ti which is controlled
by KIA 9th Battalion, 4th Brigade, Kuthkai Township.

Burma Army LIB 336 set up positions and camps at Shadan Pa Junction, which
is an area controlled by KIA 23rd Battalion, 5th Brigade, Waimaw Township.

*15 October 2013*

At 9:00 am, two trucks coming from IB 58 military base dropped one
truckload of soldiers at Lamyang and one at Sailaw, in an area controlled
by KIA 3rd Battalion, 5th Brigade, Waimaw Township.

At 4:00 pm, troops from LID 99 with ten trucks went to Myo Tit, and a truck
with military supplies and two trucks carrying soldiers entered Dawhpum

Burma Army IB 69 and LIB 323 departed In-Gyi, making separate operational
movements at Je Hkam and Prang Tai Maw. At 5:30 pm, Burma Army troops
advanced on Namhom, firing artillery at the town.

Two children, 14-year-old Nyi Nyi and 3-year-old Zaw Myo Chit, were
injured. Nyi Nyi is the son of U Win Tin and Daw Te Te. KIA soldiers
stationed at the village defended. This town is controlled by KIA
12thBattalion 3
rd Brigade in Mansi township.

Additionally, troops from IB 56 and 236 and LIB 602, commanded by MOC 21
Colonel Hpung Myat, were positioned at Nat Hkuk and Sin Hkan villages. This
area is controlled by KIA 5th Battalion, 2nd Brigade in Shwegu Township.

An estimated 120 Burma Army soldiers from unknown units arrived as
reinforcements at the base held by IB 145 at Ngaw Nga village – territory
controlled by KIA 8th Battalion, 4th Brigade in northern Shan State.

Burma Army LIB 505 strengthened fortifications at their base in Mung Yin,
in KIA 8th Battalion, 4th Brigade area.

Burma Army IB 240, which had been operating around Han Htet Man Wing Lay,
returned to Mansi Township, in the area under KIA 27th Battalion, 3rd

From 11:00 am – 1:00 pm, three fighter jets from Myitkyina Nampawng Air
Field flew drills over Myitkyina city.

From 8:00 pm – 8:15 pm, Burma Army soldiers from an unknown unit and the
TNLA clashed at Manlum near Nam San, which is controlled by KIA 34thBattalion, 4
th Brigade in Namtu Township.

*16 October 2013*

At 10:45 am an explosion occurred at Bang Poi in the center of Namhkam

At 11:00 am, 13 trucks full of troops from MOC 7 arrived from Dawhpum Yang,
and rotated into positions at Laja Yang, Nalung, Shadan Pa, and Nam Ngau.
At 2:50 pm, 13 trucks carrying troops who were rotated out left the area.

An estimated four hundred soldiers from IB 47, 56 and 236, and LIB 602
operated around Pin Chying in the KIA 3rd Brigade, area of Mansi Township.

At 6:00 pm, 11 trucks carrying troops from unknown units entered Namhkam in
KIA 8th Battalion, 3rd Brigade territory from Mung Wi before continuing on
to Lashio.

*17 October 2013*

At 7:00 am, a bomb detonated at Bang Poi in the center of Namhkam Township,
killing a civilian who was passing by. At 7:30 am, a second bomb exploded
at Bang Poi. One ethnic Shan civilian was injured in the blast.

IB 142, stationed at Namsan Yang, blockaded the Manmaw – Myitkyina – Laiza
road and searched the civilian population.

Approximately thirty Burmese soldiers from LIB 567 operated around Hka Lum
and Hpai Kawng – territory controlled by KIA 36th Battalion, 4th Brigade in
Muse township – and entered Mung Gu at 9:00. Troops from IB 142 and MOC 7
and 21 set up positions between Num Lang and Namsan Yang.

At 3:00 pm, more than 200 soldiers from IB 63 and 98 approached Nam Hkyi
village (a gold mining area) and a site where KIA Tactical Regiment 101 was
positioned in territory controlled by KIA 5th Battalion, 2nd Brigade,
Shwegu Township.

35 soldiers from LIB 309 and their commander operated around Uk Shi.
Another 33 soldiers operated around Nying Chan, and 20 soldiers led by
Captain Aung Kyaw Soe set up positions at Myo La village controlled by KIA 5
th Battalion under 2nd Brigade in Shwegu Township.

Troops from IB 253, Division 101, set up positions for security between
Ginsi and Lawngh kang, which is controlled by KIA 6th Battalion under
2ndBrigade in Hpakant Township.

Around 100 soldiers from IB 69 and LIB 323 operated at Kung Ting and
Manwing Lay, and around 80 soldiers from LIB 522 arrived at Mansi base,
controlled by KIA 27th Battalion, 4th Brigade, Mansi Township.

At 5:30 am, six trucks carrying troops and one truck with four horses
arrived at Kuthkai. They then departed for Laisho with the eleven trucks
witnessed the evening before entering Namhkam.

*19 October 2013*

At 2:00 am, a group of Burma Army soldiers from an unknown unit arrived via
two motorboats at BhoMo in BhoMo Township, controlled by KIA 1st Battalion,
3rd Brigade. Meanwhile, around 90 soldiers from LIB 323 arrived at Kung
Ding Kawn Man Hpa in Mansi township, which is in the area of KIA
27thBattalion, 3
rd Brigade. Approximately 25 soldiers from LIB 321 were operating between
Jang Wawm Kawng and Nawng Si Paw in Wai Maw Township, 5th Brigade, Kachin

*20 October 2013*

At 8:00 am, around 100 soldiers from LIB 522 were operating around Madan
Yang in the 1st Battalion, 3rd Brigade KIA area. By 1:00 pm more than 100
additional soldiers from IB 69 and LIB 323 had also arrived at Madan Yang
village, Mansi Township. Soldiers from LIB 323 and 522 were also operating
between Man Hpa and Yi Hku Man Kham. Soldiers from MOC 16 arrived at Man
Hpa and soldiers from IB 69 were continuing to operate west of Chawng Htawk.

*21 October 2013*

The soldiers from IB 69 and LIB 323 had moved from Madan Yang to Kai Htik
in the 27th Battalion, 3rd Brigade KIA zone by 9:00 am. These soldiers also
ordered villagers from Gawng Run, Nam Khan, and Je-U villages not to go to
outside of their villages and blockaded the way to Gawng Ru to Nam LimPa

*22 October 2013*

Around 200 soldiers from IB 69 and LIB 323 arrived at the road of Madang
Yang village and Ngau Hkaraw Lawa Yang village. This area is under
69thBattalion, 1
st Brigade of the KIA.

An estimated 100 soldiers from LIB 522 arrived to Ywa Tit Kung from Madang
Yang village in KIA 1st Battalion, 3rd Brigade, Mansi Township. Burmese
soldiers from MOC 21 were also taking up a position at Mung Ding Pa village
and LaiKa Sharin School. They collected 700 Students and villagers and held
them captive in a Christian Church.

Burma Army troops were taking up positions at Kawng Dung, Man Wing Ley, Man
Ta, Tan Tada, In Gyi, Prang Tai Ja Ma, Gawng Run, Je-U, Kawng Ja, Mung Ding
Pa, and Hka Gyin Mung Si in the KIA 12th Battalion, 3rd Brigade, Mansi

The commander of MOC 21 led Burmese Soldiers from Infantry Battalions 47,
56, 236, 240, 276 and LIB 601 and 602. One group of soldiers had arrived
between Je-U/Je Kham and Kawng Ja at 11:30 am, and at 1:05 pm the Burma
Army fired 60mm mortars at Mung Ding Pa village before entering the village
at 2:10 pm. These events were in the KIA 12th Battalion, 3rd Brigade area.

*23 October 2013*

Ko Hpung Myat from Burma Army MOC 21 led

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