Sunday, February 3, 2013

Myanmar's Kachin rebels in deadlock with army

  • wow 1948 to 2013 it's longest war in the world, guess now Burma have DEMOCRACY
  • Therblay Lay
    Are you was born in burma thamainbama ?We don't stop war befor burma gov stop first. they want to kill all our people and they don't want to see us anymore in burma so just protect our people.realy we don't want to fighting . 1948 to 2013 world the longest in Burma. Have you know bout that. Keep learn more about what war revolution started in Burma?
  • thamainbama
    Both sides must stop fighting for the good of the people. There is no such thing as a one sided war. Both sides can't bring any good for the people in 63 years. What's the point of fighting?
  • lmgtech
    UN is owned muslim,hindu,buddist appeasing west
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  • Mr Than
    In wars, both side lost. The question is which side lost more...No more war...Put aside the differences. Its time to rebuild the country...
  • news778
    Why is UN human rights not helping .!!!
    Why is UN human rights not helping .!!!
  • safu2526
    Please give the Kachin fellows the power of God for racial freedom.
  • buhbel cumhhmang
    I deeply pray for Kachin peoples that they will win this war. I strongly believe that every nation or people regardless of big or small should have their own freedom to sculpt the future they desire. Facism, colonialism, majoritarianism and chauvinism will succumb to the power of liberty. Freedom is a basic human right. It is not something we demand as a gift from someone else. And And also restricting other's rights as to what they desire is very disrespectful of human right and is just wrong.
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  • asian4548
  • Mung Ring
    Burmese army can not win Kachin people because God is with us. The Burmese army is well known for using rape as a weapon of war, burning the villages, killing the ordinary people, shoot villagers' domestic animal for their food and force the villagers to transport their supplies as porters. Now 75,000 of Kachins had abadoned all the belongings and seek refuge in Churches, and in refugee camps with a mare of international aid. But I'm sure their sufferings are for the future of Kachin people.