Saturday, October 17, 2015

Myanmar regime systematically lying to the world.

ByFB-‪#‎Devastated‬ Burma(Myanmar)
Myanmar regime systematically lying to the world. why the world is being an idiot? Did the world representatives in Myanmar(Burma) lie of getting bribery from the very corrupted Myanmar regime or did all the world representatives make $$$ along with the corrupted myanmar regime? The country is still fighting,corrupted everywhere. Billions of $$$ are lost, some borrowed. People are suffering with high price of consumption and lack of available jobs. The whole country is full of drug addicted young generations(likely the regime produces all kinds of drugs).
Militarization is in all parts of the country and its government- in education,religion,economy etc:
Military makes wars in the ethnics states bigger and bigger in size and power. All of the natural resources are sold with low price and the regime does whatever they want to do in this country(NO Rule of Law)
The whole country is sold in bits by bits-land,sea even the air.
All the government officers are thieves. millions of war refugees are suffering their whole life in most of the states.
Opposition dare not to speak against the regime, everything is not transparent to the public. Fake nationwide peace accord has already been signed by the fake groups.
This is to the regime and to all the groups who signed the fake peace agreement and supported devils. " You have been brushing your teeth in a WRONG way"