Saturday, October 10, 2015

All Kachins & Kachin Citizens!

All Kachins & Kachin Citizens!
It's Time to Exercise the Political Power of the State Constituency
1. in order to re-rescue "The Federal System" in federal country of Burma, and
2. to form a self-determined Governance in Kachin State for the first time in its seven decades of independence from the British colonialism, along with Proper Burman, in Union of Burma.
3. Observed, All Kachin Parties (AKPs), forging for the common political goals and interests for the welfare of all local Kachins and the Kachin citizens.
4. The common epistemology and political renaissance of All Kachins for the formation of the autonomy in the State, in fact, balancing the central power over any State, not to repeat any crime by the Burman race in the center against the federal democracy of the country.
5. Appreciated to AKPs, for primarily exercising the power of the constituency right of the Kachin State, which is a key to resolve the political rape in the State violated by the center, since then Burma's independence, and
6. AKPs' "re-restoration of the federal system in Kachin State, fortifying the unity and the National Solidarity in political power in the State, not to allow any sort of political colonization out of the State.
7. Kachinland, God's Land, Kachins, The Master race of the Land, God Protects Kachinland, and God bless All Kachin Parties!
Photo Ref: The Kachin Times