Thursday, June 12, 2014

Myanmar Genocide Awareness

By Dr.

I will be presenting the ethnic cleansing and suffering of 
Shan and Kachin people at this seminar on 21 June 2014 at L.A Convention Center 
from 2 to 6 PM together with renowned scholars and experts in Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing and Human Rights. 

This seminar is organized by Muslims from Myanmar. There will be discussion and live broadcasting on line. I will also present Christian Persecution in Myanmar.
I wish people from Myanmar and those who are interested in Myanmar will attend in mass..


Crime Against Humanity reported by Fortify Rights ...
Kachin survivors described to Fortify Rights how Myanmar authorities tied rope or wire around their necks, hands, and feet, in some cases cutting off circulation for extended periods of time, resulting in loss of movement and sensation. Many were subjected to severe beatings during prolonged interrogation sessions, and some reported having metal rods or bamboo rolled on their shins. In some cases, the authorities tied or laid bamboo across the shins and heads of their victims, and stood or jumped on it.

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  • Naw Kareng union was no longer exit, is been a name for over half century, why do ethnics arm leader can't realize that, if we ethnic can't leave the fake union with burma, we will become second Pyu people the race was vanished and disappeared long time ago, the longer we stay under burmese control the more we will suffer and eventually vanish and disappear. i always wondering why ethnic arm leader not thinking of federal without burma, we been live ourself for century why not today, why they are asking invader for federal,... huuuu