Saturday, September 24, 2016

Lahpai Naw Ming, a Founder of Kachinland News, Passes Away

Lahpai Naw Ming, one of the founders and chief reporter of the Kachinland News, passed away friday at his Mai Ja Yang home at 10 pm. He is survived by his wife and a daughter.
Sara Naw Ming, often referred by Kachin youths for his dedication, was wounded by the Burmese military fire while reporting for the battle news from KIA frontline Kawngwai post, near Loije on Jan 4, 2012. He has finally succumbed to the injuries from the wound after years of enduring pain.
Sara Naw Ming was born in Mantong, a village in Namtu Township in northern Shan State. He attended Basis Education High School No. (1) in Lashio. He studied at the Myanmar Institute of Theology (MIT) and University of Distance Education (Mandalay).
He was interrogated and briefly detained for producing a Kachin documentary titled “Galoi Mi She” translated as “When will it be?” during school years at MIT with fellow members of Kachin students’ association. After his graduation, he served as a minister at Mantong Kachin Baptist Church and a lecturer at Kutkai Theological Seminary.
He later settled in Mai Ja Yang and founded Sinpraw Bum Media, making documentaries and providing media training to youths in KIO administrative area.
Naw Ming was awarded the third Pyitu Gon Yee, the Citizen of Burma Award on May 27, 2012 for his service to his people.