Saturday, September 24, 2016

Battles Intensify As Burmese Army Continued its Attempts to Seize KIA’s Frontline Posts

KIA sources said Burmese army troops made several attempts last week to seize KIA’s Nhkram Gidon post, located near Laiza on the road between Myitkyina and Laiza in Sama County, and Lai Hpawng post, located in Gara Yang area in Sadung County. Burmese army will not stop their offensives until they have those two frontline posts, said a KIA officer.
A combined force of about 300 Burmese army troops from 50th LIB, 121st LIB, 260th LIB, and 381st LIR on Wednesday launched another attack on KIA’s 252nd Mobile Battalion’s Nhkram Gidon post from three directions at around 7:30 am. This is the fourth time that Nhkram Gidon post has been attacked in a week. KIA sources said Burmese army troops fired several 60 mm, 81 mm and 120 mm mortar rounds from Kagam, Nhkram and Sama junction. About 200 soldiers from Myitkyina have reinforced Burmese army in two days and some are still on the way, reported a local source.
The same frontline post was attacked yesterday with several artillery shells at around 5:15 pm. KIA sources said Burmese army troops approached Nhkram Gidon post from two directions following artillery attacks. Gang Dau Yang-based Burmese army’s artillery unity fired 3 rounds of 105 mm howitzer on KIA positions near Nhkram on Sept 19 at around 2 pm. Burmese army’s artillery unit currently based at Lapai Kawng reportedly fired 2 artillery rounds on Nhkram Gidon post on Sept 18 at 10 pm, reported KIA frontline sources.
Burmese army’s artillery unit currently stationed at Dingga on Wednesday fired several artillery rounds on KIA’s Lai Hpawng Kawng post at 7:30 am. Lai Hpawng post was attacked with 8 mortar rounds on Sept 19 at 7 pm. In last week, a combined force of Burmese army’s 16th LIR, 50 th LIB, and 86 th LIB launched a ground assault on KIA’s Lai Hpawng Kawng Post followed by 20 artillery rounds. Kagam Bum- based Burmese army’s artillery unit reportedly fired several 120 mm mortar rounds on Lai Hpawng post on Sept 19 at 3:30 pm.
Burmese army’s artillery units from Nahpaw and Kagam on Wednesday reportedly fired several artillery rounds on KIA frontline positions beginning early in the morning.
In northern Shan State, A battle took place Tuesday between KIA’s 17th Battalion troops and Burmese Army troops under 99th Light Infantry Division at Shan Htung Bum in Kunlong Township at 10 am,  reported a KIA frontline source. The source said the two sides encountered at Shan Htung Bum as Burmese Army troops encroached into Gang Ming Pang Hak area. The battle lasted for about three hours.
KIA’s security forces battled an unknown Burmese army unit near Gara Yang in southern Kachin State on Sept 20 at 6:15 am.
Meanwhile, several abuses against civilians have been reported as battles intensified between the KIA and Burmese army.
Burmese army troops reportedly stopped local travelers on Hpakant road, Bhamo road, and Myitkyina road and searched their cell phones. Soldiers’ cellphones searches of local passersby in the street at Katsu village have been reported on Sept 20.

Sources in Kutkai said Burmese Army troops interrogated 10 Mung Si villagers and detained them at its base in Mung Si in northern Shan State on Sept 19.