Monday, May 25, 2015

10 Reasons to love a Wungpawng Shayi

Tsa Doi La
They say love is a sweet captivity and, like a wildflower, it can grow anywhere. What makes people fall for each other? Why do we fall in love? What makes someone a loveable person? What is this thing called love? Confused and dazed as usual, I find myself unhurriedly rubbing my beardless chin while listening to “Can’t Buy me Love” by The Beatles. One thing is for sure: I become restless around the wunpawng shayi and I do not know why. I lose control because of her. Though there are more than a million reasons to love and adore her, I am only sharing my top ten reasons why she has turned me into a hopeless romantic. The list is not necessarily in order of importance.
1. Excellent conservations.
There is nothing like conversing with the love of your life in your mother tongue. It is an incredible feeling to talk to my girl in Jinghpaw. We can talk about almost everything and the conversations rarely get boring. I can listen to her sweet-nothings all night long.
2. Cute nicknames.
The first time I heard a girl calling me Tsawra I literally went insane for a moment from massive excitement! My heart pounded against my chest as one girl whispered to me Um Tsaw mung Tsawra hpe ndang tsun hkra grai tsaw ra ai le. I’m alright. I’m not crying. Well, please hand me the tissue papers!
3. Being sought after.
No one can deny the fact that Kachin girls are far more popular than the boys. This really upsets me as I have to fight so hard to get the attention of the wunpawng shayi. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the girls keep treating the wunpawng shadangs as their first priority to date and mate.
4. Yummy dishes.
As a saying goes, the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I can always enjoy that organic vegetable soup, fish curry cooked with local herbs, the pounded chili dish, and the nawhpu and penny-worth salads. Only the wunpawng shayi will make it
right! Bonus points if she knows how to make tsa-pyi. Oh yeah.
5. She understands tradition.
At least she will call your parents Gu yan Moi. We all know Myen girls will call their parents-in-law A-Phay and A-May. Here in the U.S, the girls call them by names. Thanks to our foreparents, we have specific terms for these relationships!
6. Married for life.
The divorce rate is low amongst wunpawngs. Majority of our women are very faithful to their husbands and family. They won’t forsake you when things get tough. They stick with you through thick and thin. Just like in most cultures, the guys pass away first leaving the wife with the little kids. I have met many widows who never remarried even if they could or should have. I don’t think many wunpawng men can do that.
7. The kids speak your language.
Being a small minority group in comparison with the global population, it is becoming increasingly very difficult to keep the Kachin languages alive especially for the wunpawngs who live far away from the motherland. It is important to fluently speak the language of the host countries but we must also make sure the kids are able to communicate well with our relatives back home. Imagine my loving mother and my kids having to use body language to communicate! Only the wunpawng shayi can save me from this misery.
8. They are action-driven.
When looking at prominent people amongst the wunpawngs, you will find women far more successful than men in various sectors: social responsibility, volunteering, fashion, modeling, music, education, etc. In the U.S there are more wunpawng females in colleges and universities than their male counterparts. I’m sure it is the same trend in Kachin state and elsewhere in Myen Mung. Apparently there are factors affecting this gap that we need to address. The women have also won prestigious awards for their hard work and dedication.
9. She loves fashion.
It is a known fact the wunpawngs create and wear some of the best traditional dresses in Myen Mung! Put our traditional clothes on any girl: Black, White, Brown, or Yellow and men will turn their heads twice to steal a glance. I wish more fashion designers would invest in men’s fashion so we could also be strutting around like a peacock!
10. Tease me, please me.
Last but not least, they are excellent lovers, you know what I mean. They will love you and let you love them. They look good even without makeup. They excite, delight, and ignite you. They will drive you wild with their bedroom eyes and vibrant personality. They will captivate you with their joyous exuberance and spontaneity.