Sunday, October 22, 2017

We do not seek for sympathy but empathy

“A pair of blindfolded Burmese farmers are escorted into a British Army headquarters at Yenangyaung by Gurkha soldiers. The two men came to the headquarters to sell eggs, but because spies were active among the local population, the Gurkhas took the precaution of blindfolding the farmers in order to keep them from picking up information.” Chin-Burma-India WWII by Don Moser.
Hopefully, this sheds light into how ethnic people feel and view toward their fight for political self-determination.
We do not seek for sympathy but empathy. We demand our birthright, our heir, not for superficial or preferential right, not more nor less. The nation’s lack in apathy toward the suffering of fellow countrymen has only fed the monster which has divided and ruled the nation for over half a century. Hence, allow cronies and silent thieves/bandits to unjustly hoard nation’s treasures as their own only to later shield themselves as benevolent few by serving as political accessory to the powerful will only result in abetting injustice and tension to thrive in pluralistic society.