Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Motion by Unelected Members of Parliament (aka) Representative of Occupation Force

1) Burma army remains to be an occupation force in Kachin since it lacks public mandate or representation of Kachin people. Not a single Kachin Officer or Kachin serviceman is in Tatmadaw's Northern Command (excluding drug-running militia forces) should be clear testament that it is an ethnocentric monolithic armed force run by one ethnic and a singular religious group since 1962.
2) There is only one-side to this conflict. Since June 9th, 2011; war only erupted in response to military attacks/provocations by Burma Army. So was in Danai, last month or Kasung, last week.
3) Burma Army which sold Myitsone Mega-Hydropower Dam (size of Singapore) constructed on the Irrawaddy river that is depended by major Burmese cities and communities to a foreign government state-owned entity is truest breach of national sovereignty.
4) Granting National ID to illegal foreign nationals in Mandalay, Kachin, and Northern Shan is a threat to national security.
5) Hpakant is dummy-proof example of Burma Army's belligerence stance on environmental issue. Nearly all of jade mines in Hpakant are operated by the Army's very own UMEHL, army-partnered enterprises, or ran by Army families and their cronies. Few native businessmen who run jade mines are either forced to partner with the army personnels or concede their lucrative mining lots to army surrogates.
6) As promised during founding of this Union, Kachin army has no right to be in Yangon, Mandalay, or Naypyidaw; but we have every right to be in our native land. It's our home and indigenous right.
7) If Tatmadaw deem itself to be representative of all people, strip the top 10 posts, all Burmans/Buddhists, and replace them with major ethnic nationalities and allow each ethnic to take rotational leadership based upon merit.
8)Parliment should pass a bill to force current and former army generals to reveal their domestic and foreign holdings and exchange for amnesty in return of stolen national wealth. The country may witness drastic uptick in GDP.
9) If Burma Army accuses ethnic armed organizations of committing crimes, they should invite ICC or UN investigators, and trial any perpetrator of war crimes from both sides of the conflict. Would they welcome it?
10) If Burma Army is dearly keen on public welfare, security, and properties; they should turn-in all woefully seized or confiscated land and town-down properties to farmers and citizen owners. This phenomenon has left many Burmese homeless.