Saturday, January 14, 2017

This war will not end by bombing Laiza or in violence

I am genuinely not troubled by Tatmadaw choosing to launch offensives against KIA. However, I am utterly disgusted by government forces choosing to aim and target unarmed civilians to instill fear and later fabricate as collateral damage. Choosing to bomb 4 straight days with jet fighters countless times to a town less than 1 mile radius is cowardly act. Choosing to cut off relief supplies provided by international donors to lay siege on Laiza, reap social havoc, and humanitarian crisis is undeniably shameless character. And, the govt which chooses to speak very loudly by mute silence when ethnics are persecuted and rubber stamp every Tatmadaw's narrative is justifiably terrorizing behavior.
This war will not end by bombing Laiza or in violence; but, it will end in a quiet courtroom somewhere followed by a referendum, someday. That's because we have political right to be sovereign. In a few weeks, Kachin State Day will be held in Myitkyina, and it should be a stark reminder to all who strive to override our sovereignty that it was the Kachins who carved out our own Statehood, not the other way around.
NLD and Tatmadaw should remember that there's no enough firepower or soldiers in the world to claim sovereignty over stolen territory.