Saturday, January 14, 2017

Kachin IDPs Return to Camps After Being Denied Entry at Chinese Border

Khon Ja
8 mins
Many people accused that the Kachins were supported by China. Here is the story..
Yes.. last time for about 5 days, Chines allowed the residents from Mungkoe to Man Hai, China side during the air bombardment and burning of people's properties including housing and grains by Tatmadaw. As soon as Tatmadaw accomplished bombardment in Mongkoe which destroyed Catholic Church, a school, and about 40 houses, food storages, grains and paddy, as well as death of domestic animals.
I don't think it is called "Supporting the Kachins by Chinese" but to the Tatmadaw of Myanmar.
More than 4,000 internally displaced Kachin return to Zai Awng, Magayang and Hkau Shau camps, according to the Joint Strategy Team supporting IDPs.