Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Voice of the Hidden Kachin Conflict From the Outside World

Moon Aung

The Voice of the Hidden Kachin Conflict From the Outside World 
The Burmese Military has launched a renewed major offensive war against Kachin Independent Army (KIA) and attacked various KIA positions around 2nd Brigade H.Q of KIA in Tanai Township, Western part of Kachin State-Myanmar, resulted in more than 2000 ethnic Kachin villagers have been being trapped in the jungle for more than a week. 

The civilians from Aung Lot village, Zup Mai Village and Zup Ra village are being trapped in the Jungle with an ever-increasing sense of anxiety, fear and shocked feeling like the world was coming to an end because they have heard and seen the fierce attacks of Burmese Military randomly with airstrikes and heavy mortar shells which have landed around the jungle where they are currently being trapped. Children, pregnant women, and people with disabilities in those internally displaced persons desperately need urgent medical care and food and shelters. Local humanitarian group, led by Baptist, Catholic and Peace-talk Creation Group (PCG) and NGO, has been trying to rescue the civilians, those who are being trapped in the jungle without protection, shelters and food, from the conflict zones; however, the plan for local humanitarian has been prohibited by the Burmese Military authorities. At 5:00 am of April 13, Burmese military’s artillery shell plummeted at a civilian house in Dumbung village- ultimately killing the husband and the wife injured seriously.
The recent outbreak of fighting has been spreading to Kasung village and Nong Ing village, where KIA’s 11th Battalion H.Q is located, and the Burmese Military continue to attack against KIA positions with airstrikes and unceasing heavy artilleries shooting. On 20 of April, 2018, the Burmese infantry troops marched toward Kasung village and the terrified villagers have been gettering at the local Churches with their language because the Burmese Military always target to ethnic civilians by exercising systematic torturing, raping and killing. Moreover, multiple rounds of heavy artillery shooting have taken place toward Laiza, the Headquarter of KIA, for several days and nights. The Kachin conflict, where little intention is being paid by United Nation, is desperately needed international concern and actions against Burmese Military like in Rakhine State before the conflict becomes even wider and more complex.