Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Land of Jade turns Land of Mines

Hell on Earth: 7 years in the Making 
June 11, 2011; 2 days after Burmese gov’t broke 17 years ceasefire agreement with Kachin Independence Army. I penned a letter to President Obama underscoring geo-politics interests of Asia-Pacific region and its strategic importance for China. 6 months later, response returned from Obama White House.
Unfortunately, many which I outlined still ring truths 7 years later, in 2018.
June 11, 2011 hta US President Obama hpe ka ai laika. Shata 6 daram hta laika htang wa ai. Ya 2018 hta Miwa ni hte seng nna ka shadum ai lam yawng jaw taw nga ai.
June 11th, 2011
President Barak H. Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Re: Threat of Sino-Burma Strategic Partnership on the regional and global security
Dear Mr. President:
We are first generation immigrants from Kachin State, Burma. We are writing this letter to inform you of our concerns for our brothers and sisters who we left behind in Kachin State, Burma. Last week, newly appointed Burmese government relationship with People’s Republic of China has upgraded to “Strategic Partnership.” This event coincides with similar announcement made at the meeting of Chinese Ambassador and President Zardari of Pakistan.  
The current puppet government of Mr. Thein Sein has not made any substantial progress in any aspects. In fact, shortly after Thein Sein’s visit to Beijing, Burmese military mobilized its troops in massive number to ethnic areas. Last night, Burmese troop began launching assault against Kachin Independence Army and fire fight continues to date. It is more apparent than ever before that China needs Burma more than Burma needs China. We, the Kachin people, are treated as impediment to the two nations’ mutually beneficial developments. Hence, eradicating our people begins to appear plausible in their sight. 
To China, Burma is a solution to most if not all of its internal and international security issues. Nothing is more obvious than rewarding Burma with $20billion loan during Thein Sein’s state visit. Within this decade, China will have secure access to Africa and Middle East by-passing South China Sea and Malacca Strait via backdoor Yunnan province and securing exclusive contracts to extract Burma’s oil and natural gas for its energy security. By opening trade in Yunnan province, China will find some resolution to its own economic disparity between eastern and western provinces.  
As China takes center stage in world affair, we need to demand the Communist Party to be a responsible global stakeholder than simply establishing political bartering system with rogue nations. If such relationship continues to exist, Kachin people like us with population less than one million could no longer be found in Burma but in United States, United Kingdom, or Australia.
Therefore, we request President to:
1) Push China to demand Burmese troop to halt its attack against Kachin, Karen, and Shan and begin dialogue with United Nationalities Federal Council of Burma
2) Extend and expand Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act (S.J.RES. 17)
3) Inquire into regional implication on growing Chinese military presence in Burma
Thank you for your continued support, again.
NSang Gum San