Saturday, April 21, 2018

Kasung and Zup Mai Villagers Flee BA Bombardment

Seng Raw Lahpai shared a video.
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When mortar shells fall on the Chinese side, when innocent civilians are taken into custody by the government troops and subjected to mental physical torture, even to the extent of forcing them to perform homosexual acts, even after having to go through such horrific experiences, Kachins are just happy to be released and alive. The Union government and majority of citizens are remaining silent, as if it has nothing to do with them. Seems the Union Spirit is only for non-Bamars.
Kachinland News
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Kasung and Zup Mai Villagers Flee BA Bombardment
KLN, Headlines, April 20, 2018
Video: Fleeing villagers gathered at Kasung Baptist Church appeal for rescue
Frontline sources report that KIA Battalions 11 & 26 Headquarters and the Laiza and Maija Yang area were subjected to heavy bombardment by BA forces from 1:15 pm onwards on April 20.
The Maija Yang, Namlim Bum area was bombarded beginning at 1:25 pm, and KIA 11th Battalion HQ was shelled with continuous artillery fire from 2 pm, with 7 aerial bombs dropped at 3:50 pm. The 11th Battalion HQ is about 3 miles from Kasung village. Around 2 pm, KIA and BA forces clashed at the old Relay Hill about 2 miles from KIA 26th Battalion HQ.
A local elder reports that KIA 11th Battalion forces and BA forces coming up from Namti appear headed for battle near the Nam Hkan hydroelectric power station on the road to Kasung. The elder also reports that at this time, about 400 Kasung and Zup Mai villagers caught in the crossfire are seeking refuge in the Kasung Baptist Church compound. The villagers are in a terrible predicament as fighting is still raging along the road to Namti, their intended escape route.
In the meantime, BA troop reinforcements continue to arrive in strength at frontline positions. Locals are of the opinion that battles will intensify even more, judging from the recent arrival at Myitkyina of an army convoy of 100 trucks transporting Sagaing-based 33rd LID forces from lower Myanmar.