Wednesday, June 10, 2015

အစိုးရထိုးစစ္ ၄ ႏွစ္ျပည့္ျပီ 4th Anniversary of Resumed war in Kachinland

USA Kachin Alliance Hku nna statement jawm shapraw ai hte Frank Polley ,policy Analyst, Commottee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate rau hkrum shaga ai lam galaw sai.

ကခ်င္တစ္ေက်ာ့ျပန္စစ္ပြဲ (၄)ႏွစ္ျပည့္ ကခ်င္ျပည္နယ္ရိွ ဒုကၡသည္မ်ားတြင္ ၀တ္ျပဳဆုေတာင္းပြဲက်င္းပခဲ့ၾကသည္။


Hpyen yen 4 ning hpring kyuhpyi hpawng.8-6-2015. Yangon kaw ndai zawn
Photo,credit: Pajaubum Pajaubum,Hpakant hta ndai zawn

Thailand kaw nga ai myusha ni mung ndai hku......

4th Anniversary of resumed war in Kachin Land
Venue,,,3 Dale Avenue, Hounslow,London,UK
Time.....6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Malaysia kaw du nga ai myusha ni mung myitdum kyuhpyi nga ma ai
Laiza muklum hta ..............
Photo credit laiza B.C
Wunpawng shiga

Loije hte mai ja yang hkan nga ai myusha ni mung ya na zawn majan ninghkap lamang galaw
Photo credit: moon jm,hkun htun maran
Wunpawng shiga
Doing 4 anniversary of resume war in Lana Zup Ja camp and Bumtsit camp in kachin state.
Daini gaw mungkan mungdan shara shagu, ginwang, Buga, hpyen yen dabang shanglawt magam dap,wuhpung wuhpawng, nawku hpung shara shagu hta Majan bai byin ai 4 ning hpring masat kyuhpyi hpawng lamang hpe ladat amyu myu hku nna galaw ai hta Waimaw Ginwang, Bawring sun hpyen yen dabang ni a" malap nlu ai june 9 " kyu hpyi hpawng hpe mung daini 10:00 am hta galaw lai wa sai.
Jahpawt daw na hkaw tsun hpawng hta KBC na Sara Lama Yaw sa du hkaw tsun n gun jaw sai lam, dai hpang nawku dawjau hpawng hta Waimaw Ginwang sara ni sa du woi awn sai lam, dai ngut ai hpang Ma ni a mahkawn shingjawng poi lamang bai matut galaw ai hta Yungwi ninghkring ni mung sa du n gun jaw mahkawn shakawn ma ai lam,dai lamang hta DVB, Weekly 11, Myitkyina Thadin journal shi sawk ni mung sa lawm ma ai lam chye lu ai.
Du sa ai masha yawng 400 jan rai nna ya yang dai Camp hta hpung masha 2200 jan , dinghku 427 nga nga ma ai lam chye lu ai. kbcmnk.
Myitkyina kaw gaw dai ni ndai hku 

  • It has been four years, since the June 9th of 2011, in the midst of the so-called THEIN SEIN Gov's political ethos of “REFORM”, Kachin Wunpawng people has increasingly engaged in arm conflicts with Myanmar Military. Our Blessed Wunpawng Kachin land was, then, permeated with troublesome, howling sounds and painfully cryings of her children and Wunpawng Kachin people's hearts have been perpetuated with distress since at that time.
    If you ask Kachin people, today, which event from the Scriptures are most pivotal? I am pretty sure that- in terms of our worldview knowing of God as a God of Justice, merciful and powerful God and in the light of our concern for Justice, freedom and for our Self-Determination- most will instantly reply you "Exodus", which was since the great event that had most profoundly shaped Israel's history. But, what I have observed so far is that, though we are longing for "Wunpawng Exodus", most of our Kachin people are lacking and forgetting of re-examining on Self Identity: who we are and whose we are living for. I think, then, most people couldn't able to grasp the meaning of Peacemaking. For me, it is the ability of imagining ourselves in a relationship with our enemies. If we want true Exodus of Kachin people for our Justice, Freedom and Self-Determination, there is another way, then, "seeking God's JUSTICE through forgiveness our enemies."
    Due to current issues happening in Kachin, most of Kachin Christians hold that some wars are worthy of support and believe that we Christians are also obligated to participate in it (if necessary), in terms of self-defense or for own right. For them, such wars are called "just" which have both a just cause and rightful intent in taking violent action.
    One pastor told me that "for Love's sake Christian fight in a just war..." when I heard, I'm just asking myself that how can acts of force be loving?
    For me, I think, as a Christian community, we shouldn't or could never do evil that good might come. Because, in the Bible Paul once told that we ought not to sin in order to receive more grace (Roman 6:1-2). It is simply encouraging us, as a Christian society, we ought to endure evil rather than to consent to evil. How? its application is to seek God's justice through forgiveness.
    Then, according to our Kachin people's motto: "An hte a Awng Padang Yehowa Karai" (God's our Victory), what we Kachin believe is that 'without God, no Victory'. If say so, we could simply say that- "Without God, No Exodus", because, He who is the only One can give true Freedom- our Kachin Wunpawng people's heart longing for own Freedom and Self-Determination is a longing for victory of justice over injustice, peace over violence, safety over threat, love over hatred or forgive enemies' sins. Of course, God's our victory, but that wouldn't be happened if we are not forgiving our enemies, because, He is Justice God.
    This is why, it doesn’t matter what circumstance we Kachin people are facing right now or what society we are living in (injustice, oppression, abuse, so on and so forth) we can completely depend and trust on what our God has revealed about Himself of a God, who;
    (1) loves justice and, conversely, hates injustice,
    (2) has compassion for those who suffer injustice,
    (3) judges and condemns those who perpetrate injustice,
    (4) seeks active rescue for the victims of injustice.
    So, my reflection is:
    ‪#‎how‬ egotistic we are! We seek justice and want freedom without forgiveness our enemies.
    ‪#‎We‬ Wunpawng Kachin ought to be matured more and more in everything, it's been over (67) years now, since we got independent from British, 1948.
    ‪#‎Let‬'s rise up and build Kachin Wunpawng Land with LOVE!