Monday, November 23, 2015

President Obama visits refugee children in Malaysia to show skeptics hesitant to take in migrants ‘they’re just like our kids’

President Obama embraced a classroom of migrant children in Malaysia Saturday in a bid to send a powerful message to the world — they are not to be feared.
“They’re just like our kids,” the President declared.
Obama’s appearance at a learning center in the capital of Kuala Lumpur came as Europe grapples with the worst migrant crisis since World War II.
Several countries have closed their borders in recent weeks, and dozens of U.S. governors have announced they will fight efforts to relocate Syrians to their states.
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Wunpawng Shiga's photo.
Wunpawng Shiga
Ndai lawu de na sumla gaw laiwa sai 21 ya shani malaysia mungdan kaw du nga ai USA mungdan a gumsan magam ,Mr.Obama wa tsinyam ni lung nga jawng hta sa du nna jawng ma ni hte hkrum shaga ai lam galaw ai kaw na Wunpawng shayi sha Lasham Nu Mai hte shaga nga yang na sumla re.
Shayi sha gaw kawa John lasham Tu hte Jan Christina Doi Mai yan a kasha alat rai nga ai .
wunpawng shiga