Saturday, February 10, 2018

(Duwa Maran Zau Awng )He was one of our Elders who introduced NLD to Kachin public

Today, I learned the passing of Duwa Maran Zau Awng. 
Hightly respected politician in our community. 
He was one of our Elders who introduced NLD to Kachin public. 
The man who gave Aung San Suu Kyi a Kachin name, Maran Nang Aung San. 
He was imprisoned many years after 1988. I attended her speech in Dumare, Myitkyina as one of the children in the pictures. 
I personally came to know him while he was spending nights hiding in one Yangon monestary to another. In particular, he spent several month in (Koe-Htat-Gyi) and spending his daytime at our home in Kyimyindine. Below are the images which he shared with me, along with his letters to National Sanghka Nayaka Abidama Guru and Future Federal Union.
In his last years, he was highly critical of NLD's stand espcially its silence in the suffering of Kachin people and he teaches us to be self reliant in our quest for freedom.

Gu e, hkungga jaw dat nngai.
By Gum san Nsang FB