Thursday, July 18, 2019

Israel to bar Myanmar military representatives from arms expos

ISDEF Expo 2019. Photo: ISDEF Expo/Facebook
ISDEF Expo 2019. Photo: ISDEF Expo/Facebook
The Israeli government will bar military representatives from Myanmar from attending arms expositions held in Israel as long as Myanmar remains under an international arms embargo, Haaretz reported quoting the Israeli Foreign Ministry.
The decision followed a Haaretz report that army officers from Myanmar had attended the Israel Defence and Homeland Security expo in Tel Aviv last month. From now on, the ministry said, requests for visas to attend arms expositions coming from the nationals of countries to which Israel refuses to sell arms will be rejected.
Last month, Haaretz also reported that the official visitors to the ISDEF expo in Tel Aviv included military representatives from several countries that don’t have official relations with Israel.